Modify / cancel a request

How do you modify or delete requests after submitting them?

Modify / cancel requests

Following the submission of a new request, there is a variety of choices (depending on the approval state) to modify or cancel requested services. In the actions column click on <Manage>. This opens the following menu:

  • Create return flight: Using this button, you can copy all relevant information into a new request for a return flight.

  • Modify request (except date/time): Modify all relevant data of the request (i.e. callsign/type, crew/pax data, additional services), except date/time.

  • Change of time: This option allows you to modify the time of arrival/departure. Please note that pre-notification times published by the airport must always be complied with. (A change of date is not possible. Please cancel the request and create a new one. You can use the old request as a template.)

  • Cancel request: This option cancels the request. In case of late cancellations there can still be costs associated with this request.

  • Create template: This option creates a template for future requests. You can find the templates under menu option "templates for requests".

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