Approval process

What are the next steps after a request has been submitted?

Feedback by the airport / approval

Depending on the requested services and the approval process at the selected airport, your request will go though different approval steps. The following example shows the approval process for a flight that requires customs and border police clearance as well as handling outside regular opening hours.

Please note: You will receive status messages via e-mail.

Step 1: Request submitted

The request has been submitted to the airport and awaits processing. Please note that requests are generally processed only within the regular opening hours of the airport.

Step 2: Airport OK

The part of the request that can be approved by the airport (handling outside regular opening hours) has now been approved. In the next step, customs and immigration clearance will be evaluated.

IMPORTANT: The flight has not been fully approved at this stage.

Step 3: Request is being processed

Other sub-parts of the request are currently being processed. Please be patient.

Step 4: Approval

Your request has now been fully approved.

Request - Status changes

In the overview of current requests, click on the name of the airport (1st column) to display all status changes:

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