How to use the website

Here is a basic guide to using the Online Services

Logout / Language selection / Local or UTC times

Online Services manages sensitve information that are covered by data protection laws (GDPR). Please remember to always logout from Online Services before closing the webbrowser. Click on your name or the word "Log out!" displayed on top of the page.

Online Services are available in German as well as English language. You can switch languages at any time by clicking on the corresponding flag at the top of the page.

By default, all times are displayed in UTC. It is also possible to show all times as local times. You can switch the time zone by clicking on <LOC> or <UTC> at the top of the page.

Technical field checks / required fields

Any input in data fields will be checked technically when leaving each field. As an example, date fields must not contain other characters than numbers or a dot (.), additionally the combination of date of month and month needs to be valid. This check will be performed immediately after leaving a field. If an invalid entry is recognized, the field will be highlighted in red. As long as data fields contain technically invalid data, the click on a button will not lead to any action. As soon as data fields are filled in correctly, the information will be processed in order to assist you in completing the form. As an example, following the entry of the request date, regular operating hours of the airport as well as sunrise/sunset times will be displayed.

Please note: Avoid incorrect entries by letting the system auto-complete data fields. Examples are shown in the sections below, i.e. Formatting of date fields.

The following technical checks will be performed:

Logical field checks after submitting a form

Following the click of a button, your data is submitted to the server for logical checks. These checks depend on the specific form that you are completing. Should these checks lead to any errors, detailed error messages will be displayed on top of the form. Additionally, all data fields that lead to the error(s) will be highlighted in red. Use your mouse cursor to hover over red squares besides fields that are highlighted as incorrect. This will display a box with a detailed error message.

Examples of possible checks:

  • Corresponding fields are consistent (i.e. takeoff and arrival time)

  • Dates are consistent (i.e. date of request is not in the past)

  • Account number is valid

Formatting of date fields

All date fields support an auto-complete feature. In addition to the date of month, it is only necessary to enter these parts of the full date that are different from the current date (month/year). You can enter dates with or without date separators.

The following examples illustrate the auto-complete feature:

  • 1 is converted to the first day of the current month in the current year

  • 104 is converted to the 10th of April in the current year

  • 1.4 is converted to the 1st of April in the current year

  • 1711 is converted to the 17th of November in the current year

  • 171124 is converted to the 17th of November in 2024

Formatting of time fields

All time fields support an auto-complete feature. It is sufficient to only enter the hour if you would like to enter the clock hour. You can enter times with or without time separator.

The following examples illustrate the auto-complete feature:

  • 1 results in 01:00

  • 104 results in 10:40

  • 1.4 results in 01:40

  • 1711 results in 17:11

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